(Just a Pathfinder campaign recapper, writing for the enjoyment of those immediately involved.)

Cast of Player Characters:

Korva (played by Autumn & Aaron): A human woman with unusual red hair and striking electric blue eyes, she is accompanied by a small crocodile named Jumper. She speaks fondly of her halfling family & druid tribe.

Ken Jeur Yewes (played by Jon): An elf wizard, Ken keeps to himself. He seems mistrustful of the other passengers, though over the course of the journey he has spent more time in the common areas and spoken briefly of his interest in continuing his magical studies.

Yosemite Sam (pronounced Yo-sim-might) aka Pistol Pete (played by Dan): It’s unusual to actually enjoy the company of a rat on a ship, but Yosemite has spent time talking with almost everyone, whipping out his pistol for anyone who stands still long enough. He got in a scrape with someone shortly after boarding but hasn’t had any trouble since.

Oswald Longlook (played by Theo): Oswald is a gnome who seems to know a little bit about everything, and he’s happy to share this knowledge with everyone. He’s currently in search of a good business venture and hopes to find one at the end of his journey. In the meantime he enjoys every opportunity to observe & make recommendations for the improvement of every gadget on board the Jenivere.


Eshe (pronounced EE-SHAY) (Played by me, Rachel): Eshe is a short, slender Mwangi woman. When she wants to, she can be quite diplomatic, but occasionally she speaks bluntly and offends. She seems extremely childish at heart, and sleeps curled up in various random places around the ship, almost as if she doesn’t have a bed in the cabin. When she is awake she is accompanied by a strange creature, her Eidolon Bamidele  (BA-MI-DEL, though if you call him Bombadil he won’t take offense.) is some sort of cross between a cat and lizard. Both Eshe and Bamidele have a curious matching rune on their foreheads.


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