Erastus 19, continued-

The party gave in to the fact that they would have to face their fears and go into the phobia rooms. They started with blood, which involved fighting stirges, there they found an amethyst gem. The snake route, why’d it have to be snakes? got them some jade. The fire  route resulted in an orange pearl and their fight with spiders resulted in a garnet. After they had all the gems they were able to talk to a little winged creature with a squeaky voice and ask some questions. They got some hints about how to proceed (The doors open as you go up and down.) and what was guarding the Chelish Crux (The outcast king, weak to good/silver, that the treasure room contained a useful sword.)

The party managed to move on to the next level of the dungeon with this information.

They fought some mummies and found three doors, one with the image of a book on it, one a glaive, and the third an unholy symbol of Asmodeus.

The book door gave a vision of the chamber of books the party had first entered when they found their way into the dungeon.

The glaive door gave Darkling a vision of returning home with the evil glaive the party had found that she had been carrying.

The unholy symbol gave a vision of the same thing, but with the bust of asmodeus that the party found.

I think? My notes are vague! & Shaun’s not here to confirm stuff right now. 😛

Anyway, the party found their way to the Outcast King and it was an intense fight with the outcast king and some shadows and lemures.

After the fight, the party rested.

Erastus 20 – Still in the knot, the Guardians of Cheliax spent the rest of the day going back through and collecting little mixed bits of treasure, including a crown that has not been successfully identified, an intelligent unholy symbol of Asmodeus covered in poo, many interesting books and a puzzle box, aka the Chelish Crux. After that, they all went through the Glaive door with Darkling and ended up in Shaeree’s house, though she successfully played it cool like that wasn’t her house at all.

Erastus 21 – The party got all healed up. Quenn failed his first will save in regards to the Curse he was under.

Erastus 22 – Quenn failed his second check (I believe intentionally at this point to force the fight with his Devil.)

Erastus 23 – Quenn failed his third check. The party began to think about preparing for their big fight with a Devil that should be quite a challenge.


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