Sareneth 3 – a couple of weeks later –

A group of bandit tieflings known as The Bastards of Erabus have holed themselves up in a destroyed and blocked off area of Westcrown. These Bastards go out at night and kill, leaving a wooden coin as their calling card, hoping to instill even more fear in the town.

A seasoned fighter, Sindbad, joined the party at this point.

The party set out to take down the Bastards of Erabus and they did it. There were mummies. It was epic. Everyone was super heroic. All told across the complex there were about 25 rounds of combat and my notes are smudgy. ❤

The mummies were annoying and charmed people, Rack got to move through a bunch of walls and do reconnaissance, I called one of the bad guys “SpellButt” in my notes, super useful.

End of Book One

Erastus 5 – a month later –

Arael and Janiven called for the party. They met with a Pathfinder named Ailyn Ghontasavos (if I can read my notes correctly). The Pathfinders Delvehaven Lodge was taken over by the House of Thrune and thirty years ago sealed by them. At the same time, the shadowy creatures began to appear in Westcrown, so the party had an interest in looking into Delvehaven as well. Delvehaven is guarded with many traps, wards and seals. The stewardship of Delvehaven was given to the Mayor of Westcrown and all documentation about the protections were housed in his manor, Aberian’s Folly, in the dungeon below known as the Asmodeon Knot.

A plan was devised to get the party access to the dungeon. The mayor loves a good murder play, a production where the actors are in very real danger and the outcome of the play is determined by the main character’s survival. The Six Trials of Larazod is going to be put on soon, and after the play, the mayor will invite the actors, fully kitted out as they were during the play, into his mansion for a  ball. During the ball, everyone will be so inebriated and rambunctious that an opportunity will undoubtedly arise for the party to slip away and find the dungeon and the Chelish Crux, key to to reentering Delvehaven.

Erastus 6 – The play itself will be held at the new Nightshade Theater, but auditions took place at a smaller theater, the Limehouse.

My notes on the audition are a poem:

Audition was thingy,
Darkling did best
Shadow did second
Rest of us, Jokers.

The party was introduced to the rest of the cast and crew, and during the following couple of weeks given opportunities to befriend them.

Ribahl – The Director
Visbaroness Delour Alumaxa – Diva, Opera Singer
Thessing – The douchecanoe from the stables, actor, playing Handrathen, the judge
Calsenica – actress
Millech – Wizard/Set dresser
Many stage hands and hair and makeup.

The play was cast:

Larazod, a handsome tiefling – Darkling/Shaeree
Dentris, a sharp tongued wizard – Shadow/Aladdin
Tybain, a bumbling paladin – Margred
Drovalid, a torturer who joined Larazod – Sindbad
Ferris the Traveled, a clown – Quenn
Monrus Blaksward, a dwarf – Rack

The rest of the day was spent in wardrobe, including lift shoes and shoulder pads for Darkling. Everyone received the script and ran through their lines.

Erastus 7 – 11

The party spent the time leading up to the play attempting to befriend the cast and crew with varying levels of success.

Erastus 12 – The dress rehearsal, where the party performed safer version of the play using illusions  for a crowd.

Act I – Condemnation – Larazod is on trial, accusation and defense. 6 trials to prove his faith. Darkling, Shadow, Margred and Quenn attempt to act for the first time, the crowd threw rotten food at them.

Act II – Trial by Torture – Larazod is whipped by Drovolid.

Act III – Trial by Pleasure – Pleasure grubs, but you’ve gotta cut them out.

Act IV – Trial in the Belly of the Beast – Swallowed by a monster.

Act V – The Birthing Trial – Eat an invisible egg, birth a monster, fight said monster.

Act VI – Trial by Combat and Love – Shadowy Devils to fight. The audience is rapt.

Act VII – Trial by his own dark hand – Asmodeus! Uproarious applause!

Erastus 13 – The day of the play, everyone gathered at the Nightshade Theater and performed the play for dangerous real. In the final battle we came very, very close to a total party KO. It was something else and then the party got a week to heal before the ball at Aberian’s Folly.







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