Margred went back to the Apartment above Quenn’s shop to help him sort through and appraise all of the treasure they had acquired from their fights in the sewer. She spent the night there and the next day they sold the goods.

Desnus 2 – Aladdin was a dock worker, and the true identity of the Vigilante Stalker Shadow, unbeknownst still to all but the Avenger Darkling, who was actually halfling servant and market vendor Shaeree.

Aladdin spent his day on the docks asking innocent questions about Hellknights.

The rest of the party did a fair bit of shopping.

Desnus 3 – Everyone gathered at the abandoned Temple of Aroden, the official headquarters of the Guardians of Cheliax, as they had decided to call themselves. The party met with many more people who going to be fighting alongside them.

Amaya, female Tian human bard, Angus, a male bear druid, Aurora, a female Varisian human sorcerer, Ermolos, a male Chelish human fighter, Est-doln, a male Elf wizard, Fiosa, a female Halfling cleric, Gorvio, a male Chelish human sorcerer, Larko, a male Garundi human ranger, Leora, a female Varisian human oracle (and Aurora’s twin), Mathalen, a female Chelish human monk, Rizzardo, a male Varisian human barbarian, Sclavo, a male Garundi human paladin, Tarvi, a female Chelish human wizard, Vitti, a male Chelish human druid and Yakopulio, a female Gnome rogue.

They also put together outfits to wear while fighting crime as the Guardians of Cheliax. Masks and bold red sashes pinned with a badge.

A plan was made to rescue Arael while he was being transferred by Hellknights from one location to another. After borrowing horses, the party set out. Part of the plan was to ensure that none of the guards died.

The party arranged an ambush at a critical point, just before the cart carrying Arael came to a bridge. Quenn began the ambush with a bomb, and as the party fought and dropped the guards, Margred moved around the battlefield, stabilizing the fallen Hellknights.

In the end they were victorious and rescued Arael.

When they returned the horses, a famous opera singer and douchecanoe, Thessing, was causing a ruckus because he wanted the best horse for use in a play, and none of the horses still in the stable fit his exacting specifications. Margred flirted with him outrageously and it calmed him down.

Desnus 10 – One week later.

Arael was ready to start sending the party on adventures to help build up the reputation of the Guardians of Cheliax.

The first job the party did was clearing out some raiding Goblins who had been bothering local businesses.

Desnus 17 – One week later.

The party began to hunt the Shadow creatures that have been haunting Westcrown of late.

They researched the creatures and learned that they are weak to magical light, attack with claws and slime (which requires a fortitude save), have SR and a 20% mischance in darkness.

They spent most of the night hunting the creatures and it was quite dangerous.

Sometime that week the party set up a trap to catch bandits who had been accosting ladies.






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