(Again, this isn’t really meant to be prose, just keeping our adventure somewhere to help us remember what’s up between long playtime lapses!)

Desnus 1 – In a variety of ways the party was contacted and invited to a meeting at Vizio’s Tavern by a woman named Janiven. She said that each of the party had a reason to want to fight the evils brewing in Westcrown, that all of them had suffered or witnessed suffering. Those gathered were Darkling, a halfling woman in a hood and mask, Shadow, an elf similarly disguised, Quenn, an elf in a stylish jacket who asked if there was a meat and cheese tray, and Margred a buxom human tavern wench who cast a long shadow. As those assembled began to ask questions, a sudden pounding on the tavern door broke up the meeting. A young boy burst in an announced “They’ve got Arael!”

As Arael was Quenn’s missing brother, he was immediately interested.

Hellknights surrounded the tavern and Janiven and the young boy led the party into the sewers through a trapdoor in the back room.

Janiven and the boy moved off to hopefully split the Hellknights as well.

After moving through the sewers for a time, Margred requested the party stop at a defensible spot so that she could begin a strange ritual with incense. In less than a minute the Hellknights caught up with the party, but Margred continued her quiet whispering. After a few quick rounds of combat, the reason for her madness rose from the shadows, in beastly dark creature, apparently made of flesh but shaped much like the armored Hellknights stood at her side and joined the fray. Dancing skillfully with their weapons, Aladdin and Shaeree worked together and avoided falling in the sewage. Quenn was not so lucky, and when he fell to one of the Hellknights attacks, he collapsed beneath the surface of the sludge.  With a sigh, Margred hiked up her skirts and moved into the sewage to pull his head above the muck and pour a potion down his gullet. Rising from the disgusting waste, Quenn dealt the final killing blow to the last remaining Hellknight.

They fought several more encounters as the made their way through the sewers, skeletons, more Hellknights, a single goblin, Oozey bugs and zombies. They deftly avoided some suspicious looking mushrooms. Janiven and the child rejoined the party and they fought one last group of Hellknights together before she led them all out of the sewers and towards a large abandoned building. After a secret knock opened the door to the former Temple of Aroden, the party were led to hot baths.

Clean and reunited, Janiven explained that Arael had wanted to start a group here in Westcrown to inspire the people through heroic acts, fighting the mysterious shadow people that currently kept everyone in their homes after dark and doing a variety of good deeds. Now of course, with Arael captured by the Hellknights, the groups first task would be his recovery.




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