Council of Thieves: Book 2, Session 3

Erastus 19, continued-

The party gave in to the fact that they would have to face their fears and go into the phobia rooms. They started with blood, which involved fighting stirges, there they found an amethyst gem. The snake route, why’d it have to be snakes? got them some jade. The fire  route resulted in an orange pearl and their fight with spiders resulted in a garnet. After they had all the gems they were able to talk to a little winged creature with a squeaky voice and ask some questions. They got some hints about how to proceed (The doors open as you go up and down.) and what was guarding the Chelish Crux (The outcast king, weak to good/silver, that the treasure room contained a useful sword.)

The party managed to move on to the next level of the dungeon with this information.

They fought some mummies and found three doors, one with the image of a book on it, one a glaive, and the third an unholy symbol of Asmodeus.

The book door gave a vision of the chamber of books the party had first entered when they found their way into the dungeon.

The glaive door gave Darkling a vision of returning home with the evil glaive the party had found that she had been carrying.

The unholy symbol gave a vision of the same thing, but with the bust of asmodeus that the party found.

I think? My notes are vague! & Shaun’s not here to confirm stuff right now. 😛

Anyway, the party found their way to the Outcast King and it was an intense fight with the outcast king and some shadows and lemures.

After the fight, the party rested.

Erastus 20 – Still in the knot, the Guardians of Cheliax spent the rest of the day going back through and collecting little mixed bits of treasure, including a crown that has not been successfully identified, an intelligent unholy symbol of Asmodeus covered in poo, many interesting books and a puzzle box, aka the Chelish Crux. After that, they all went through the Glaive door with Darkling and ended up in Shaeree’s house, though she successfully played it cool like that wasn’t her house at all.

Erastus 21 – The party got all healed up. Quenn failed his first will save in regards to the Curse he was under.

Erastus 22 – Quenn failed his second check (I believe intentionally at this point to force the fight with his Devil.)

Erastus 23 – Quenn failed his third check. The party began to think about preparing for their big fight with a Devil that should be quite a challenge.


Council of Thieves: Book 2, Session 2

(Some of the names here I am just trying to read my scrawled notes, so I’m not quite sure on them!)

Erastus 19 – The party arrived by carriage at Aberian’s Folly, the mayor’s manor, in full costume from the Six Trials of Larazod, as dark clouds began to drop heavy rain on the city.

As they entered the party they looked around and counted heads, there were about 30 servants, humans and halflings, dressed as skeletons. There were also 30 guests, including their fellow actors and the director.

6pm – The first course was served. Dainty finger foods and light wines. The actors milled about and introduced themselves to some of the guests. They met: General Vourne, Commander of the Gem Crown Bay fleet, a grim, stern man who seemed enthusiastic to talk about sea battles. Crosael Rasdovain, a majordomo with a weakness for poetry. Eirtein Oberigo, he seems a friendly sort, a nobleman. Sascar Tilernos – Wearing lots of makeup, speaks shrilly, snorts and cackles and already deep in drinks. Mayor Aberian, a man used to having his word taken as law. The previous mayor disappeared mysteriously, and there are rumors about the current mayor being a bit slimy. Charmandy Drovenge – Crimson haired, wearing a shawl of fur, a serpentine wolf with wings (brooch???). The Drovenge family is powerful, locally.

The entryway was well lit, the walls lined with portraits of Westcrown nobility and members of House Thrune. There were many notable gaps, like a redacted history of the city, and no paintings of the past mayors.

Beyond the entryway was the Garden of Earthly Pleasures, apparently an atrium, and yet, the night sky was clear and full of stars, in spite of the heavy rain falling outside.

The Dining room contained a large table and lots of chairs, 6 well kept fireplaces, and murals of Westcrown as if it were Hell itself. A grandfather clock chimed the hours in a deep ominous tone and depicted devils chasing unicorns. Closed doors made of obsidian led out to parts unknown.

At one end of the dining room was a pool of honey, surrounded by thick, thorny hedges. At the other a crystal clear fountain and three trees heavy with fruit of many different types.

Darkling spent the first course talking with Sascar, who was drinking freely and shared the they think the mayor has a secret, deformed and sick son hidden in the attic. Once the mayor ended a gala early and ejected his guests when they went to search the attic for a secret harem.

Shadow spoke with Crosael, who shared with him that she is concerned about a newly hired servant named Sian. She disappeared 2 days ago with a valuable bust. She’s afraid that she pawned it and left town.

Quenn spoke with General Vourne, but he was utterly unimpressed by the elf’s diplomatic skills.

Margred tried to charm Obergio, but though he was quite amiable, he didn’t say anything of any importance.

Sindbad spoke to the Mayor, but the secretive Aberian was not forthcoming.

7pm – Feast of the Gluttonous Wolf.

The Guardians of Cheliax were careful to eat sparingly of this course.

Margred approached General Vourne. He reported that all of the mansions magical extravagances were powered by a pit fiend imprisoned deep underground. A gift from House Thrune to the original owner of the home, but there was no chance of the fiend escaping, he was certain.

Darkling tried to get information from Charmandy, but failed.

Shadow, who was good friends with Delour, the opera diva, had an easy time getting her to spill all the beans. “Crosael is missing a thieving servant.” “General Vourne is a sucker for naval war stories.” “Eirtein trades gossip for gossip.” and “Sascar is an alcoholic.”

Sindbad continued to press Aberian and he admitted that for the past few days he has experienced many minor glitches with the magical enhancements in his home. He suspected that a magical pest of mischievous spirit was to blame and would be willing to pay to have it fixed in a week or so.

Quenn spoke with Eirtein, who was again, quite friendly, but didn’t let any secrets drop.

8pm – The Worshipful Hog. Again the party ate sparingly as the rest of the guests indulged and became more inebriated.

Darkling tried to take to the servants, but failed to learn anything.

Quenn spoke with Robahl, who told him, mouth full of intoxicating meats, that the foods were quite potent. “If you don’t want to wake up tomorrow, sore, naked, and with a splitting headache, consume carefully.”

Margred spoke with Charmandy, who, though courteous and willing to speak at length about subjects that seemed to be leading somewhere, actually said nothing at all.

Shadow traded many secrets with Eirtein and learned that the manor includes 3 regions: The manor itself, the dungeons, known as The Nessian Spiral (much to be fared) and the hidden vault known as the Asmodean Knot. He offered 2000gp for any information about the knot. The knot was said to be hidden in a pocket dimension, accessed by a hidden mirror somewhere in the house.

Sindbad spoke with the servants, who had all been ordered to remain silet, to help maintain the play that they are undead. However, Sindbad made a servant feel at ease enough to reveal that at midnight, the servants would all either flee the party or join in the inevitable orgy.

9pm – The fat of the land.

General Vourne left the party.

Margred spoke with Shadow, who told her that Eirtein traded secrets, and so she went again to speak to the friendly nobleman, who told her that the guardians of the Asmodean Knot were likely to be a mix of devils and shadowy undead. Whether this bespoke a link between the Knot and the shadow beasts that haunt Westcrown, Eirtein could not say.

The Majordomo and Charmandy left the party.

10pm – The Dance of the Engorged Vulture

Darkling noticed that the fires were beginning to die out, they were not magically kept.

Quenn began detecting thoughts.

Shadow walked around the public rooms, searching for secret doors.

11pm – Feast of Ambrosial Serpents

At this point all of the remaining party guests were completely out of it.

12am – The servants began to flee and the orgy began.

The Guardians of Cheliax began searching around the house in earnest, acquiring treasure here and there and encountering various defenses in the manor proper.

My notes are pretty vague about actually finding the way into the Nessian Spiral. I know pretty quickly after they went through, the party found a handy haversack and a piece of paper that contained a curse, which Quenn is now under, to be hunted by a specific Devil.

A voice tauntingly hinted at the terrors of the spiral, which was a bunch of strangely looping chambers that didn’t make a lot of sense. Above several doors there were clues to what they contained. Pyrophobia, ophidophobia, hemophobia, arachnophobia and the phrase “abandon all hope”.

There were another couple of paths and the party decided to check them out before facing any of the phobias. They basically looped around, on one side there was a poopy poop elemental, which was quite disgusting, and on the other side, a chained up chain devil, I think?









Council of Thieves: Book 1, Session 3, Book 2, Session 1

Sareneth 3 – a couple of weeks later –

A group of bandit tieflings known as The Bastards of Erabus have holed themselves up in a destroyed and blocked off area of Westcrown. These Bastards go out at night and kill, leaving a wooden coin as their calling card, hoping to instill even more fear in the town.

A seasoned fighter, Sindbad, joined the party at this point.

The party set out to take down the Bastards of Erabus and they did it. There were mummies. It was epic. Everyone was super heroic. All told across the complex there were about 25 rounds of combat and my notes are smudgy. ❤

The mummies were annoying and charmed people, Rack got to move through a bunch of walls and do reconnaissance, I called one of the bad guys “SpellButt” in my notes, super useful.

End of Book One

Erastus 5 – a month later –

Arael and Janiven called for the party. They met with a Pathfinder named Ailyn Ghontasavos (if I can read my notes correctly). The Pathfinders Delvehaven Lodge was taken over by the House of Thrune and thirty years ago sealed by them. At the same time, the shadowy creatures began to appear in Westcrown, so the party had an interest in looking into Delvehaven as well. Delvehaven is guarded with many traps, wards and seals. The stewardship of Delvehaven was given to the Mayor of Westcrown and all documentation about the protections were housed in his manor, Aberian’s Folly, in the dungeon below known as the Asmodeon Knot.

A plan was devised to get the party access to the dungeon. The mayor loves a good murder play, a production where the actors are in very real danger and the outcome of the play is determined by the main character’s survival. The Six Trials of Larazod is going to be put on soon, and after the play, the mayor will invite the actors, fully kitted out as they were during the play, into his mansion for a  ball. During the ball, everyone will be so inebriated and rambunctious that an opportunity will undoubtedly arise for the party to slip away and find the dungeon and the Chelish Crux, key to to reentering Delvehaven.

Erastus 6 – The play itself will be held at the new Nightshade Theater, but auditions took place at a smaller theater, the Limehouse.

My notes on the audition are a poem:

Audition was thingy,
Darkling did best
Shadow did second
Rest of us, Jokers.

The party was introduced to the rest of the cast and crew, and during the following couple of weeks given opportunities to befriend them.

Ribahl – The Director
Visbaroness Delour Alumaxa – Diva, Opera Singer
Thessing – The douchecanoe from the stables, actor, playing Handrathen, the judge
Calsenica – actress
Millech – Wizard/Set dresser
Many stage hands and hair and makeup.

The play was cast:

Larazod, a handsome tiefling – Darkling/Shaeree
Dentris, a sharp tongued wizard – Shadow/Aladdin
Tybain, a bumbling paladin – Margred
Drovalid, a torturer who joined Larazod – Sindbad
Ferris the Traveled, a clown – Quenn
Monrus Blaksward, a dwarf – Rack

The rest of the day was spent in wardrobe, including lift shoes and shoulder pads for Darkling. Everyone received the script and ran through their lines.

Erastus 7 – 11

The party spent the time leading up to the play attempting to befriend the cast and crew with varying levels of success.

Erastus 12 – The dress rehearsal, where the party performed safer version of the play using illusions  for a crowd.

Act I – Condemnation – Larazod is on trial, accusation and defense. 6 trials to prove his faith. Darkling, Shadow, Margred and Quenn attempt to act for the first time, the crowd threw rotten food at them.

Act II – Trial by Torture – Larazod is whipped by Drovolid.

Act III – Trial by Pleasure – Pleasure grubs, but you’ve gotta cut them out.

Act IV – Trial in the Belly of the Beast – Swallowed by a monster.

Act V – The Birthing Trial – Eat an invisible egg, birth a monster, fight said monster.

Act VI – Trial by Combat and Love – Shadowy Devils to fight. The audience is rapt.

Act VII – Trial by his own dark hand – Asmodeus! Uproarious applause!

Erastus 13 – The day of the play, everyone gathered at the Nightshade Theater and performed the play for dangerous real. In the final battle we came very, very close to a total party KO. It was something else and then the party got a week to heal before the ball at Aberian’s Folly.






Council of Thieves: Book 1, Session 2

Margred went back to the Apartment above Quenn’s shop to help him sort through and appraise all of the treasure they had acquired from their fights in the sewer. She spent the night there and the next day they sold the goods.

Desnus 2 – Aladdin was a dock worker, and the true identity of the Vigilante Stalker Shadow, unbeknownst still to all but the Avenger Darkling, who was actually halfling servant and market vendor Shaeree.

Aladdin spent his day on the docks asking innocent questions about Hellknights.

The rest of the party did a fair bit of shopping.

Desnus 3 – Everyone gathered at the abandoned Temple of Aroden, the official headquarters of the Guardians of Cheliax, as they had decided to call themselves. The party met with many more people who going to be fighting alongside them.

Amaya, female Tian human bard, Angus, a male bear druid, Aurora, a female Varisian human sorcerer, Ermolos, a male Chelish human fighter, Est-doln, a male Elf wizard, Fiosa, a female Halfling cleric, Gorvio, a male Chelish human sorcerer, Larko, a male Garundi human ranger, Leora, a female Varisian human oracle (and Aurora’s twin), Mathalen, a female Chelish human monk, Rizzardo, a male Varisian human barbarian, Sclavo, a male Garundi human paladin, Tarvi, a female Chelish human wizard, Vitti, a male Chelish human druid and Yakopulio, a female Gnome rogue.

They also put together outfits to wear while fighting crime as the Guardians of Cheliax. Masks and bold red sashes pinned with a badge.

A plan was made to rescue Arael while he was being transferred by Hellknights from one location to another. After borrowing horses, the party set out. Part of the plan was to ensure that none of the guards died.

The party arranged an ambush at a critical point, just before the cart carrying Arael came to a bridge. Quenn began the ambush with a bomb, and as the party fought and dropped the guards, Margred moved around the battlefield, stabilizing the fallen Hellknights.

In the end they were victorious and rescued Arael.

When they returned the horses, a famous opera singer and douchecanoe, Thessing, was causing a ruckus because he wanted the best horse for use in a play, and none of the horses still in the stable fit his exacting specifications. Margred flirted with him outrageously and it calmed him down.

Desnus 10 – One week later.

Arael was ready to start sending the party on adventures to help build up the reputation of the Guardians of Cheliax.

The first job the party did was clearing out some raiding Goblins who had been bothering local businesses.

Desnus 17 – One week later.

The party began to hunt the Shadow creatures that have been haunting Westcrown of late.

They researched the creatures and learned that they are weak to magical light, attack with claws and slime (which requires a fortitude save), have SR and a 20% mischance in darkness.

They spent most of the night hunting the creatures and it was quite dangerous.

Sometime that week the party set up a trap to catch bandits who had been accosting ladies.





Council of Thieves: Book 1, Session 1

(Again, this isn’t really meant to be prose, just keeping our adventure somewhere to help us remember what’s up between long playtime lapses!)

Desnus 1 – In a variety of ways the party was contacted and invited to a meeting at Vizio’s Tavern by a woman named Janiven. She said that each of the party had a reason to want to fight the evils brewing in Westcrown, that all of them had suffered or witnessed suffering. Those gathered were Darkling, a halfling woman in a hood and mask, Shadow, an elf similarly disguised, Quenn, an elf in a stylish jacket who asked if there was a meat and cheese tray, and Margred a buxom human tavern wench who cast a long shadow. As those assembled began to ask questions, a sudden pounding on the tavern door broke up the meeting. A young boy burst in an announced “They’ve got Arael!”

As Arael was Quenn’s missing brother, he was immediately interested.

Hellknights surrounded the tavern and Janiven and the young boy led the party into the sewers through a trapdoor in the back room.

Janiven and the boy moved off to hopefully split the Hellknights as well.

After moving through the sewers for a time, Margred requested the party stop at a defensible spot so that she could begin a strange ritual with incense. In less than a minute the Hellknights caught up with the party, but Margred continued her quiet whispering. After a few quick rounds of combat, the reason for her madness rose from the shadows, in beastly dark creature, apparently made of flesh but shaped much like the armored Hellknights stood at her side and joined the fray. Dancing skillfully with their weapons, Aladdin and Shaeree worked together and avoided falling in the sewage. Quenn was not so lucky, and when he fell to one of the Hellknights attacks, he collapsed beneath the surface of the sludge.  With a sigh, Margred hiked up her skirts and moved into the sewage to pull his head above the muck and pour a potion down his gullet. Rising from the disgusting waste, Quenn dealt the final killing blow to the last remaining Hellknight.

They fought several more encounters as the made their way through the sewers, skeletons, more Hellknights, a single goblin, Oozey bugs and zombies. They deftly avoided some suspicious looking mushrooms. Janiven and the child rejoined the party and they fought one last group of Hellknights together before she led them all out of the sewers and towards a large abandoned building. After a secret knock opened the door to the former Temple of Aroden, the party were led to hot baths.

Clean and reunited, Janiven explained that Arael had wanted to start a group here in Westcrown to inspire the people through heroic acts, fighting the mysterious shadow people that currently kept everyone in their homes after dark and doing a variety of good deeds. Now of course, with Arael captured by the Hellknights, the groups first task would be his recovery.



Council of Thieves: Our current party…

Our current party:

Aladdin/Shadow -“That which does not kill me shall regret not finishing me off.” – Vigilante (Stalker) – Concerned about the problems in Westcrown and ready to take action! – Dock Repairman

Lives in East Rikkan as a Dock Repairman (fixing nets and getting supplies as necessary for fishermen).
Met Shaeree one night as a vigilante fighting the same common enemy after many nights of  running into each other they formed a team bond in fighting the same side.

Shaeree/Darkling – “Be strong when you are weak, be brave when you are scared, be humble when you are victorious, be badass every day!”  Vigilante (Avenger) – Concerned about the problems in Westcrown and ready to take action! – Housekeeper/Market Vendor

Lives in Westpool.

Sindbad – Fighter – A Pathfinder, here to investigate Delvehaven Lodge on behalf of the Pathfinder Society.

Quenn – “I must have no fear of failure. For it was my fear of failure that first kept me from attempting to complete the Master Work.” – Alchemist (Inspired Chemist/Beastmorph) – Accepts the grim reality of living in a country of devil worship and willing to use it to gain advantage.  – Alchemy Shop Owner

I’m here in Westcrown because I’m looking for my older brother Arael who has not returned home. I, along with our family, was accustomed to receiving a letter from him about once every month, until they suddenly stopped. The last letter came three months ago. In it he mentioned some strange events going on around the town, generally at night. The full contents of the letter could not be made out because of a liquid that has not been identified mixed with what was later reveled to be some of my brother’s blood. A chilling line in the letter mentioned something about a mysterious plague of creatures that hunt the streets at night and him going to investigate the “rumors”. The last line said if he was not heard from I needed to seek out Janiven because she might have answers relating to his disappearance. She wants to recruit me to the cause because she believes I posses the same fire for justice as my brother. While this is true, I’m more concerned about finding out about what happened to him and if he is still alive. And if he’s not, my only recourse will be to open the cage and let the altered beat out. Let them be living or let them be dead, I’ll grind their bones to make my bread because revenge is not fattening, it’s sweet!

Margred – “What? No! I’m not psychic, I’m just… observant!” – Spiritualist (Zeitgeist Binder) – Intrigued by whispers of dark deeds in Westcrown and determined to find the truth! – Barmaid at the Beardless Devil. Her Phantom companion is named Rack.