Arodus 11

Yosemite was finally feeling better, but Ken felt weak in the morning.

The party spent the day recovering from their ordeal the day before and the diseases that had ravaged various members throughout the past week.

The first order of their day in camp was to interrogate the barbarian they had captured. The man responded visibly to Infernal, but no other language. Aerys and Ken had little luck speaking to him, however, and Eshe tried to infer diplomacy through her attitude and hand signals, but he wouldn’t even look at her. They party decided to have Ken attempt to charm him the following day and moved on to other tasks.

They spent the cool parts of the day scavenging for alchemical supplies to help them fight off the constant disease they were being wracked with. They were beset by skeletons while looking for supplies, but made quick work of them. Yosemite collected bits of their broken scimitars for gunsmithing supplies.

Ken and Oswald spent a good amount of time attempting to craft a dose of anti-plague, but failed.

Arodus 12

Ken cast Charm Person on the barbarian and learned his name. Og-log.

Og-log informed Ken that he had lived on the island all his life. He knew of no way off and came from a village of 24 cannibals. He spoke of various aspects of the island. A grove of spirit trees that his people avoid, and the winged blood drinker who they made sacrifices to on the red mountain. He also spoke of the ruins underneath his village where their god and afterlife reside. He also told them that two people, matching the descriptions of Captain Kovack and Ieana had arrived in the village and been greeted by their chief. He had not seen them leave.

Afterward they hypnotized the barbarian, requesting “Guide us safely to your village and introduce us there as friends.”

Arodus 13.

The day was spent in scavenging and crafting anti-plagues. Finally the party was beginning to recover and stay on top of the rampant disease of the island.

Arodus 14.

The party made a plan to move camp once again. As they scouted along, Og-log felt compelled by his hypnotism to point out features along the trail, indicating an area where a sacred building resides. They found a new likely spot to camp and set out to eliminate the surrounding dangers. First the encountered a spider, though it tried to hinder them with its web, they eventually took it down, Oswald dealing the killing blow with his newfound spellslinging powers.

The next threat to their campsite was a lizard. They made even quicker work of it, with Oswald disabling it and Bamidele chomping it to oblivion. They collected the meat from the lizard and returned to camp with it.

Overnight the party was awoken by a swarm of bats attacking the campsite. With torches,  persistence and Korva’s produce flame, they eliminated the bats. Everyone was slightly damaged by the ordeal and Jask channeled positive energy to heal the group.

Arodus 15

The day was spent gathering alchemical supplies until noon. The rains started early and everyone thought it was a good omen for the day.

They asked Og-log to guide them to his village, and he led the way. They reached the village around 5:30pm and Og-log grunted to a Shiv-dragon, the same type of lizard they had fought before, that the party were “friends.” While the lizard ignored Og-log’s entrance to the village, it clearly did not answer to his verbal commands, and immediately attacked the party. Bamidele took it out in a single round and the group followed Og-log into the village. He looked confused as he said, “These are friends,” and then headed into one of the structures.

Various people were milling about the village and they clearly didn’t take Og-log seriously. They flexed and raged and a dramatic and horrible battle followed. Eshe fell almost immediately to a thrown javelin, but managed to stabilize quickly. This eliminated Bamidele from the battle as well.

Ken began to dig around for potions. Korva was the next party member to fall. Ken poured a potion into Eshe and she regained consciousness, shocked by the sudden carnage around her. Ken had moved on to Korva.

As Yosemite and Oswald attempted to control the battlefield with their guns, Eshe summoned an eagle and Ken cured Korva. Korva added a summoned stirge to the mix and Eshe began to throw chakrams into the fray.

Eventually Ken managed to fascinate a couple of the barbarians, but there were so many of them it was overwhelming. And just as things seemed like they might be under control, an extremely burly man and a group of women emerged from one of the structures.

The strongest looking barbarian, clearly the chief, took Jumper out of the fight.

Korva summoned one last eagle and fled the fight, Eshe quickly moved away, intending to follow, seeing the battle as a complete loss they both felt responsibility to get back to the camp and protect their comrades there. They were amazed to hear the sounds of battle continue behind them, feeling both heartened and nervous every time they heard a shot from Yosemite or Oswald’s guns.

Ken attempted to color spray, and managed to hit the chief and one of his wives. Eshe was still near enough to summon one last eagle before she took off at full tilt.

Shortly after the colorspray, Ken fell unconscious from a particularly brutal hit, leaving Oswald stealthily hiding throughout the brush, throwing fallen javelins as he found them, and Yosemite running dangerously low on ammunition. Again when they felt they had control of the battlefield, more enemies joined the fight. This time it was caged skeletons, who began to crawl out of their corral. Yosemite got the blow on the chief that sent him spiraling into unconsciousness. A long game of barbarian and skeleton vs rat and gnome followed, with Oswald hiding on one side of the carnage and Yosemite the other, until both the small creatures were victorious. Counting the 14 corpses they could tell they had not completely eliminated the barbarian village. Oswald quickly sent up dancing lights, signalling to Eshe and Korva to return. They grabbed the amulets from the barbarian’s necks and carried the unconscious Ken and Jumper back to camp. Though miraculously everyone survived it didn’t quite feel like a true victory.

Jask healed the party and they decided it was best to move camp, since Og-log may have had a chance to tell the remaining villagers where they were situated.


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